Tyler Barth

iOS developer and UX Designer

Design Technologist

As part of the HackDesign course, I read an article about transitioning from development to design.

One part that stuck with me was a quote near the beginning:

If there is one thing to take away from this email, it is to refrain from mentally separating design and development. When you are creating wireframes, you are implying code that needs to be written. When you are coding, you are actualizing user experiences. To mentally separate each process is the first step towards viewing the creation of software as an assembly-line process. We have a lot of horrendous software due to that line of thinking.

Though of course there is a limit to this way of thinking (at some point responsibilities need to be divided to increase productivity), one thing I really like about the mobile device space is that it’s really possible to look at app design as more of a holistic craft.

It’s a great feeling envisioning how a control should work, implementing it, and then actually being able to touch the result.