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The Joy of Podcasts

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I’ve compiled a list of my favorite podcasts.

Every once and a while I move somewhere where I have a long daily commute. Suddenly I have a much higher demand in my life for audio content. I have listened to some audio books, but I usually can’t focus on nonfiction audio books while commuting. Also, shorter segments like podcasts can help give a sense of finality to a commute, instead of leaving you excited to continue like an audio book might.

I can understand if you don’t get podcasts or think podcasts are for those other people. Podcasts are probably less efficient as a way of receiving information for most people, because most can read faster than they listen and many podcasts have a lot of extra banter.

On the other hand, in the case of some of these podcasts you get additional thoughts and get to borrow more of these peoples’ time than you would be able to if you only read their blog posts. They don’t write blog posts for every topic they think about, and it’s much easier for them to communicate these thoughts in the informal atmosphere of a podcast.

In that spirit, I have compiled a list of my favorite podcasts. Originally it was one post but the list went on so long that I have split it into sections.

Here is the list:

Note: The title is a play on The Joy of Sex or The Joy of Cooking, but I noticed I wasn’t the only one to think of it, including some people who like the same podcasts as I do.