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California Rolls

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The first thing I made out of the “Cooking Guide” game was California Rolls. I had much more ambitious plans, but it seems that grocery stores in central Minnesota lack the necessary ingredients to make most of the things I wanted to make. After a half hour of searching, we found everything for the california rolls.

We didn’t have my rice cooker, so I had to make rice in a pot. I was a little unsure about doing that, but the rice turned out pretty well. I used fake crab, which was only okay and was apparently not as high quality as the fake crab I usually have.

The whole “meal” consisted of fruit juice, hummus and pita for an appetizer, and then the main course of California rolls. My mom, my brother, and I had four rolls in all It was pretty delicious, and I got better after making each one.

Here is the result: P1060099

Itadakimasu!!! P1060100